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"Don't you deserve your own Friday?" Listen below:

Scroll to the bottom for a special flash offer.
Free yourself from repetitive questions and missed customer interactions forever.
Your very own Friday knows your business and speaks in your brand's voice.
Whether you are looking for old world charm, a plucky Millennial, or a youthful Gen-Z. You make the call on the persona and voice of you Friday, even you own.
Your Friday knows as much as ChatGPT. YourFri.day is powered by it.
Your own Friday will have access to all the information you care to provide about your business but that's not all.
Your Friday may become you smartest worker. With the full knowledge of ChatGPT, you can offer access to this resource to your own customers with no addition cost.
Don't worry about them running up the bill.
Alternatively, you can block access and your Friday will only talk about your business. But why not offer the value-added service to your customers of chatting with AI for free? And at no additional cost to you. Run an info line of events and specials. All professionally generated, all for you.

We are onboarding
beta Group 1 now!

Limited offer to our first 10 partners:
A steeply discounted service is being offered for the exchange of feedback and honest testimonials.
While in beta, we are essentially giving away a service
for unmetered calls using cutting-edge technology.
For the 1st 10 partners, we're offering the first 18 months of service for
No surprise charges.
Call our Friday, Oliver, to express your interest in the beta. 
He will lock you into a spot as one of our 10 pilot partners.

If you're unsatisfied in your first month you can cancel with no commitment.
Complete refund within the first week of deployment.
After your first week, you're entitled to your payment minus a $35 activation/termination fee.
(There is no activation or termination fee after the first month.)

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